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Last Minute Tasks

When moving this year there are plenty of things to do when closing the door on the old and opening new futures in the new community. Besides the regular such as packing, finding a mover, buying moving materials, etc. Not only are we moving locations, we’re moving the entire family here. Our local Pensacola Mover, is here to help out and keep this move as simple and stressfree as possible. Here are some simple suggestions when making this move this year.

Cleaning out the freezer
Start to cook the frozen goods that are stored in the freezer a few weeks prior, to avoid as much waste as possible. Try to donate, use, or sell any unopened can goods held in the pantry. These items can take up room and be pretty heavy when transporting.

Return borrowed items
Be sure to return those items back to those loving neighbors you may have borrowed. Be sure to think about videos and library books as well. We don’t want to leave the community with any last minute resentments towards you.

Transferring Insurance
Check up with your insurance agent to see if they offer coverage still in the area that your moving to. If they don’t, check and see online what insurance agency will cover the area your moving to.

Find a new doctor
Here alone is a crucial decision that must be made when relocating to a new area. When doing this interview over the phone by looking for certain qualities such as, credentials, specialties, and location. Check to see how your new professional operates and takes care of his/her patients. How busy are they? Do they take to time to get to know you? Do you feel comfortable with this new physician?

Here at your packing supplies. Lets make this a wonderful experience and let our family move yours.

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