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Moving your utilities

Make your move this year a stress free move. Remembering the small details always helps out this transitional move. Dealing with utility companies in advance will insure ones peace of mind. Nobody wants to deal with deal with the stress of moving across town and having to deal with these issue after the move.

Final reading

Have your utility company go over the final reading of your gas, water, electric meter. Make sure that you recieve a written copy of your report

Forward the address

Send the company your new address to where your invoice should be sent to. If not there may be repercussions down the road such as late fees and/or credit issues.

Get your money back

Go over and collect any refund or utility deposits back. Many people forget that they have served up a substantial amount of change throughout the years.

Bring important numbers and addresses along

Take with you local directories incase you may need to contact the old neighborhood.

With these tips in mind your move should definitly go smoother. Here at your local Pensacola Mover, we’re here to insure that this moving process with us will surely be a pleasant one and keep us in mind for your next move.

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