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Pensacola Movers Prepare for Rapture Weekend

This Saturday marks the coming of yet another supposed “Rapture”, which has stirred up many mixed reactions. Convinced that the Rapture truly is coming this weekend, many people have been exhibiting rather odd behavior; people have reportedly been giving all of their possessions away in preparation for a divine departure from this planet on Saturday. Your Pensacola mover here is in no position to speculate on such a touchy subject, however; the possibility does exist that many beautiful homes will be given away by individuals who firmly believe they will no longer need earthly shelter, and such sudden acquisitions could definitely call for relocation services. If arguably irrational rapture behavior has worked out in your favor, feel free to call on your Pensacola professional movers to provide any shipping services necessary to take ownership of your new material possessions… you know… if you’re into that kind of thing.

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