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Pensacola Movers Salute Generation-Y

Generations-past have certainly played a roll in defining America as we know it. And today, generation-Y is redefining and pioneering residential living as we know it. Also known as echo-boomers, generation-Y has done away with the ways of its parent generation; particularly as it applies to size. Size certainly does matter, however; size has taken on a whole new concept these days. Where their parents once set sights on big houses with big spaces and huge back yards, echo-boomers prefer smaller more efficient spaces. Dining rooms have just about become obsolete for generation-Y kids, as meals are enjoyed either on the go or in front of the television. Rather than huge back yards, which require much fuel and labor to maintain, generation-Y much prefers more of an intimate outdoor chill-zone; almost like an outdoor living room. It is even a new trend for young American adults to rely on the ability to walk from place-to-place rather than on a vehicle for daily commuting.

The “Great Recession”, as it has been called, has stressful effects on just about everybody today. But echo-boomers roll with the punches and cut costs in just about every way possible. Though living conditions are abbreviated as opposed to generations-past, the generation-Y sure hasn’t skimped out on style; this is a new age of DIY enthusiasm and definitely catches the interest of your local Pensacola mover here! Gen-Y sure does set a good example of how to live within your means in the current era; kudos to you, generation-Y from your Pensacola movers! What an inspiration!

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