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Pensacola will be home to a new Walmart Neighborhood Market on July 16th. The store is the first of its kind for Pensacola, as it is much smaller than the typical super centers that Walmart opens. The new store will be 44,000 square feet, compared to 200,000 square feet these stores usually average. This Walmart will be one of 11 units in a the new Pine Forest Corners shopping center. The shop will employ around 95 people in the Pensacola area.

The purposes of the store will be to provide the area with a quick, in and out shopping experience. Instead of having a variety of products, the store will sell mostly day-to-day needs. The store owner expects that they will see many of the same customer day in and day out. Not only will the store sell groceries and household goods, it will also be home to the only Walmart drive through pharmacy in Pensacola.

Many residents seem to be very excited about the new addition to Pensacola. They are optimistic about the convenient and quick shopping experience.

The stores grand opening will feature many of the stores of vendors offering free giveaways and deals. Additionally, the Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile”, Chester the Cheetah, and the Keebler Elves giving away free samples of their products.

All My Sons is very excited about the new store and happy to see more jobs come into the area. If you are ever looking to move in Pensacola, your local moving company can help you get there.



Your Pensacola movers are very happy and excited for the upcoming improvements that are in store for our port areas. In an effort to strengthen the local economy, state legislature has designated a budget of roughly $3.6 million for port improvements. With nearly 700,000 jobs relying on Pensacola’s ports, the restoration and improvement efforts will be huge. And just as the funding for improvements will help the port areas in Pensacola, the businesses operating out of the ports will turbo-charge our economy in the long run. Your Pensacola movers are very pleased with the good news; it seems like the Pensacola port renovation plan came at the perfect time!

This weekend the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire will put on the first annual Gulf Coast Pirate Festival! Your Pensacola movers think the festival like a great way to spend the weekend for children and adults alike! If you plan to attend the Pirate Festival, expect to see costumes and lots of them; from peg-legged, eye-patch-wearing pirates to mermaids, you’re sure to be thoroughly entertained during the weekend’s events. There will be plenty of great food as well as a carnival with rides and even an exotic petting zoo. Admission is ten dollars for adults, and five dollars for kids five and older; four-year-olds and younger get in for free!

Pensacola’s Mayor Ashton Hayward has big plans in mind for the Port of Pensacola, and your movers expect many good things to come! Currently, the hundreds of acres of port property are utilized by organizations such as Cemex for storage of various construction materials. One of the proposed alternatives for portions of the Port’s real estate is to open technologically advanced offshore oil firms on ten acres currently occupied by a construction firm. Roughly a dozen construction jobs would require relocation to make room for the new venture, but the transition would also result in a burst of new extended-term high-paying jobs moving to Pensacola. As unfavorable as it may be for Cemex and similar firms to uproot and move to new locations, the addition of new more numerous and more lucrative career opportunities is a far more beneficial use of the port property. Your Pensacola movers are among many local residents who support the proposed transition for our Port. Granted, we do stand to acquire a good hunk of commercial relocation jobs as a result!

Your Pensacola movers are excited for the upcoming Annual Homecoming Air Show at the Pensacola Naval Air Station November 11th and 12th. The world-renowned Blue Angels will be among the aerial acrobats who will be putting on breath-taking performances during the weekend’s air show. Kids and adults alike will surely marvel at the many different airplanes which will be gracefully moving through the sky performing incredible feats of airborne acrobatics. Geico’s Skytypers will spell out messages to the crowd in the sky, and there will even be an impressive skydiver performance by the Panhandle Parachute Demonstration Team. Admission for the air show is free for all performances for the whole weekend, and there will most definitely be food and gifts available to make this weekend Pensacola air show complete. Your Pensacola area moving professionals look forward to seeing some high-flying entertainment and we’re sure you do too!

Whether for the new home you will soon be moving in to or for your current home you are trying to sell, home renovations are likely to come to mind. There are countless benefits to consider in regard to remodeling your home. It is no secret that certain trends go out of style (plaid couch anyone?) and it is also no secret that people who are house hunting tend to disregard homes that seem outdated during their search. Clearly there is an advantage in renovating your home prior to placing it on the market; a sharper pad sells faster, which means you get to move out sooner than not! Furthermore, upon moving in to your new home, giving the place a facelift improves the quality of living you’ll soon experience after your moving day is behind you. Yes, remodeling your home to sell quick and remodeling your new home for sake of making it yours are both fruitful ventures; but home renovations can be very expensive during this time when saving money is especially important. Fortunately, your Pensacola moving professional knows a couple options you have for financing expensive home improvement projects; even if upcoming moving expenses are in your budget’s forecast.

There are plenty of smart ways to avoid a moving day headache. More than likely if you are moving soon, you are either looking to or have already hired a professional Pensacola mover. In this case, much of how you can ensure a stress-free move stems from the relocation service provider you hire for the job. If you are reading this now, then you have access to the internet which is one of the best sources for researching professional movers in your area. Websites of organizations which are devoted to movers’ customer satisfaction, such as the American Moving and Storage Association, are an ideal reference for any mover you may consider. Is the mover you have hired part of the ProMover program? If not, it is not too late to cancel the moving date you have scheduled in favor of a more suitable Florida moving company for your specific needs.

The last thing you probably want right now is an add-on for your moving to-do list, but this little to-do item is far from difficult and very important if you ask me. Before moving in to your new home, take the opportunity while the place is empty to give your new place a good scrub down. Be sure to get the dusty spots such as ceiling fan blades and the tops of doors and appliances. If you’re moving into an apartment, you may even want to take pictures of any areas in the new unit which may need attention; such as minor holes in the wall, or troublesome doors. Be sure to take a close look and document your findings, and also make sure that you bring any findings to your landlord’s attention so that the necessary fixes are performed –and more importantly so that you don’t end up paying for damage which you did not cause!

Moving is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. A tough job such as your upcoming residential move in the Pensacola area is not something that should be trusted to the hands of just anybody. People move every day, and the demand for labor from people who are moving provides a lot of work for movers in Florida –especially during the summer time. There are many costly aspects surrounding your move, and by the time you get around to thinking about hiring movers you are going to be highly focused on saving as much money on the needed expense as possible. So how do you save money on moving services?

This Saturday marks the coming of yet another supposed “Rapture”, which has stirred up many mixed reactions. Convinced that the Rapture truly is coming this weekend, many people have been exhibiting rather odd behavior; people have reportedly been giving all of their possessions away in preparation for a divine departure from this planet on Saturday. Your Pensacola mover here is in no position to speculate on such a touchy subject, however; the possibility does exist that many beautiful homes will be given away by individuals who firmly believe they will no longer need earthly shelter, and such sudden acquisitions could definitely call for relocation services. If arguably irrational rapture behavior has worked out in your favor, feel free to call on your Pensacola professional movers to provide any shipping services necessary to take ownership of your new material possessions… you know… if you’re into that kind of thing.