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Pensacola will be home to a new Walmart Neighborhood Market on July 16th. The store is the first of its kind for Pensacola, as it is much smaller than the typical super centers that Walmart opens. The new store will be 44,000 square feet, compared to 200,000 square feet these stores usually average. This Walmart […]

Your Pensacola movers are very happy and excited for the upcoming improvements that are in store for our port areas. In an effort to strengthen the local economy, state legislature has designated a budget of roughly $3.6 million for port improvements. With nearly 700,000 jobs relying on Pensacola’s ports, the restoration and improvement efforts will […]

There is a possibility it does. Several moving companies in Pensacola don’t disclose moving minimums at the point of booking. So in essence you may have a move that only takes an hour to load and an hour to unload, but with a moving minimum you could be required to pay more than two hours. […]

The internet has become increasingly popular when it comes to posting a good or bad experience with a Pensacola moving company. It used to be that the only way negative feedback would travel concerning a vendor was through word of mouth. Now-a-days with one click of the mouse you can post a negative or positive […]

Well hopefully you’ve secured your Pensacola mover. If not I recommend contacting a few Pensacola moving companies immediately. Search for Pensacola movers on the web and request a moving quote. Within a matter of minutes you will receive several responses regarding your inquiry. After weighing the moving services provided by each Pensacola moving company, you can book a […]

As a child I wasn’t always a fan of report card time. I actually remember experiencing great degrees of trauma. LOL! My lack of achievement in math always haunted me. As we look at your upcoming move it’s important to check your Pensacola mover’s report card. Most reputable moving companies are members of the Better […]

Whoever said moving can be a bear was correct! There are so many details that must be covered in order to ensure a successful move. From the proper packing of your belongings to the dismantling of your furniture and reassembly of the same, moving is work. Can I offer a suggestion? HIRE MOVERS! I know […]

Make your move this year a stress free move. Remembering the small details always helps out this transitional move. Dealing with utility companies in advance will insure ones peace of mind. Nobody wants to deal with deal with the stress of moving across town and having to deal with these issue after the move. Final […]

When moving this year there are plenty of things to do when closing the door on the old and opening new futures in the new community. Besides the regular such as packing, finding a mover, buying moving materials, etc. Not only are we moving locations, we’re moving the entire family here. Our local Pensacola Mover, is […]

When you move or relocate, to ensure your household goods arrive at your new destination without a scratch, our Pensacola Movers recommend that you start with a good packing list so you purchase the right packing and moving supplies. This is an area where you can cut down on moving costs if necessary, just keep […]